Monday, October 17, 2011

Dad On Duty

It's after 2:30 AM... and I am hobbling around (from the wear and tear of my high stakes 5th division soccer game) doing laundry. While me being awake at 2:30 AM is not so strange (but that is a separate post in itself), doing laundry at this hour is. You might be wondering what would possess me to do the most boring of housework at this time of night and you would be happy to know that I just cleaned up a vomit-covered baby. Vomit is certainly not my cup of tea, nor is picking up a baby in the dark and wondering why he is so wet and sticky. Though I have to thank the Lord that it turned out to be vomit because had it been poop I might have been the one with the vomit lol.

I did my best to get him, his sheets, and my clothes cleaned up quietly so Cara wouldn't wake up. Sadly, the little man wanted no part of my idea and wailed until I was able to get his paci clean enough to use. I felt sorry for him, but a bath, diaper change, sheet change, and a new set of jammies later he is sound asleep. I will be too once I can take his sheets out of the wash and get them into the dryer.

This is just the latest in the long list of things they don't tell you about in the baby books. Now excuse me while I go shower. The hypochondriac in me is starting to freak out. ;-)