Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Next Stop: 30 Weeks

We had the 27-week appointment yesterday. Everything went well and the doctor scheduled us to come back at 30 weeks so we could get back to going on the right week. I must admit that the office visits have become much more pleasant for me. The first appointment consisted of me having the privilege of sitting and waiting with Cara in the waiting room for an hour without a single "manly" magazine in sight. Since then I have learned to bring my own entertainment and it has helped that the visits have become increasingly quicker. At this point, if there is no sonogram scheduled the visit goes as follows.
  1. Get Cara's weight.
  2. Get Cara's urine.
  3. Get baby's heart rate.
  4. Ask doctor questions.
  5. Schedule next appointment.
I pretty much just sit there during that time and read the very detailed medical posters on the wall in the office and try to make Cara laugh. We start going every two weeks after the next visit so things should pick up. We are starting the home stretch at this point so it should get more and more exciting.

As a side note, I have another story about my child striking me. We have pretty much started a nightly game where I try to talk and sing to get the baby moving. The baby seems to move a lot when it hears my voice so it is pretty fun. Well, the other night the baby was responding to my voice, but it was not enough movement for my liking so I decided to amuse myself by trying to push on Cara's belly to make the baby move more. I still wasn't getting the response I wanted, so I decided to try patting Cara's belly where the baby was resting. I made two rhythmic taps and let my hand rest on the belly. Immediately the baby made the biggest hit/kick that knocked my hand away and scared the crap out of me. I literally pulled my hand away and almost jumped out the bed. It was another few minutes before I was able to calmly put my hand back on the belly. Of course, Cara laughed throughout all of this.

The baby is already playing pranks...definitely my kid...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Baby Update

I was told by someone that we have been bad bloggers since there have not been many baby updates lately. I went to the blog admin page to see when the last post was and it was almost three weeks ago!! That is just unacceptable, so here is a quick rundown on the latest baby events.
  • We are slowly coming up to the 27th week, which means that I will soon have the privilege of sitting around the gynecologist's waiting room every two weeks instead of four. I'm all for going to the appointments with Mrs. Wallace, but that waiting room is a terror. It's not man friendly at all!!
  • Our house has been for sale for about three weeks now. We've had quite a few showings so far. Hopefully it will sell soon, so we can make our move to the Keller/North Fort Worth area and actually get going on a nursery. That is very important because I can already tell that Mommy is fighting the urge to start building her nest. :-)
  • I am now able to feel the baby moving around pretty frequently. We've found that the baby likes to hear my voice. Whenever I sing and am acting silly Cara says she feels the baby moving around a lot. I did the announcements at church a couple weeks ago and Cara said the baby moved the entire time I spoke.
That is pretty much it. I will try to be better about posting and keeping this blog up to date. Now I will leave you with the latest sonogram picture. Let me know if you recognize that noggin from anywhere. Haha...