Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two Months!

Liam turned two months old yesterday. As I sat feeding Liam tonight before bedtime, I thought about how quickly the moments pass. Liam is outgrowing clothes and changing everyday. His smiles are adorable and come often. He continues to sleep and eat well and really doesn't cry often! This month has been a busy one, as we sold our house in early September, had to search for one we wanted to buy and have been packing up for our move, which was moved back to this week. I'll save all of that for another post though.

Here's a fun story from this month. One day, after looking at houses all day, and I was EXHAUSTED, I asked Will to pull Daddy duty through the night with Liam. Of course, this was the night Liam chose to sleep his first 7 and 1/2 hours straight. :) He does love his Papi! Since then, he continues to sleep well, usually sleeping about 5-6 hours, waking up to eat, then back down about 3 hours. Now, if only Mama could learn to go to bed earlier!!

Other events from this month were Liam's first TCU soccer game, Liam's first REAL smiles (which are beautiful!!), and a trip to the State Fair of Texas. Liam loves playing on his floor mat and now swats at the toys that hang over him. His favorite is the horse and he even reached up and grabbed on to it! I know....proud Mama. LOL

Now for some favorite pictures from this month:

Sweet smile! This photo was taken by our friend Brandon Krausse at the State Fair:


Playing on the floor mat:

Ballin', Liam holding the gift money we used to go to the State Fair:

We are so blessed to have such a happy, healthy boy!! We love you Liam! His two month doctor appointment is on Tuesday. I'm anxious to see how much my boy has grown!! Though we're not so anxious about the shots. I'll update with a post!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Liam's First TCU Soccer Game

Liam and I went to the TCU/Tech soccer game last week with Uncle Josh! They ended up losing in overtime 4-3, but it was a great game. It brought me back to my days as a TCU soccer player. I was reminded of my first collegiate game. It was against Tech in Lubbock and we also went into overtime. I scored the winning goal off of a corner kick. :)

Here is a picture with Liam at the game!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Liam's brother Deuce

Deuce is such a great big brother. I'm a proud Mama to see it. This was something that I was so worried about. How would Deuce react to a baby in the house? Would he become territorial? Would he feel left out? Would we worry about him hurting our precious baby? These thoughts filled my mind before Liam was born. Deuce, however, has taken everything in stride. He definitely wants to be involved, so we do our best to include him. He loves getting close to Liam to smell him and lick his little hands and feet. Sometimes he brings Liam his dog toys...we can tell he can't wait for Liam to be big enough to really play with him.

He's also protective of Liam. Sometimes when Liam cries, Deuce cries also. He looks at us with his big eyes as if to say, "help him!" If Liam is down for a nap and wakes up crying, Deuce inevitably always runs to check on him first.

This morning, one of the cutest things happened. Sometimes after breastfeeding several times during the night, I am really hungry early in the morning. So I will eat breakfast after an early morning feeding. This morning around 6:30am after feeding Liam and putting him back down, I went to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. Deuce followed me in there (as he sleeps at the head of Liam's cute). So, I went ahead and fed Deuce as well. Liam was quiet, but not yet asleep and we could hear his little noises from the kitchen. At every noise I paused, stopped chewing lifting one ear to listen more closely to Liam. Deuce, also at every little noise, stopped chewing and lifted one ear to hear Liam. When we'd decide he was okay and just fidgeting, we'd both begin chewing again. And we were right on cue every time!! It was seriously the most adorable thing! I love how much Deuce already looks out for Liam and know they will be the best of pals! :)

Tips for the New Dad

We’ve had Liam home now for over a month and I just thought I would share some insight on what I have seen and learned.

  • Babies poop...a lot. And they don't just poop, it comes out like the oil geysers they show in cartoons. You will learn to use a diaper as a nice poop shield.

  • People really love new babies. Everyone will want to see the baby, hold the baby, and talk to the baby. Then they will want to talk to the mom. You have officially become the side attraction to the main events.

  • Give up any thoughts for a night of peaceful sleep. Sleeping like you did before is no longer an option. Your baby will sleep in stretches through the night and wake up to eat. When he wakes up, he will cry until you wake up too. If you are like me, you will sleep through the initial crying and wake up to see your wife breastfeeding in bed next to you.

And finally...
  • You will love your mate in an entirely new way. You will see your mate loving and caring for your child and it will show you an entirely new side of her. I have seen Cara stay up all night taking care of Liam when she herself has only had a few hours of sleep. She does it during the week so I can get the sleep I need to go to work. She doesn't have to do it, but she refuses to let me get up in the middle of the night and I love her for it. She is 100% mom inside and out and I am loving being able to witness it all.