Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Baby Has Already Hit Me ;-)

Last night, at approximately 5 minutes past midnight I was the victim of an assault by my unborn child...and I enjoyed every second of it....

Cara has been telling me for a couple weeks that she could feel the baby moving around in her belly. I believed her, but I just didn't get as excited as she did because, well... the baby isn't inside me so I don't feel a thing. But last night Cara was convinced that if I pressed my hand against her belly for a long enough period of time I would feel some movement. So I obliged, partially to please her, but mainly so I could tell her "I told you so" when I didn't feel anything. Boy was I surprised when I felt something inside her belly hit/kick my hand. I was so shocked that I pulled my hand away and began to step backwards as I let out some excited laughter.

I'm still in a bit of shock that I can actually feel the baby moving around, but I will always remember that my first interaction with my child was when he tried to hit me from inside the womb. It's nice to see that the baby already has Papi's Braveheart spirit. :-)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kicking Back Pregnant Style

At this point in the pregnancy, the visits with the doctor are pretty uneventful. The nurses get you into an open examination room and then you just sit and sit while you wait for the doctor to enter and answer any questions you might have. I used this time to do some reading in one of my software engineering books, but Cara had something else in mind. She decided to kick back pregnant style and read a magazine. I decided to snap a quick picture of her kicking back and now I am sharing it with all of you. So all of you men with pregnant ladies should get ready to see lots of this. I think it is about the only position where they feel comfortable!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Imagining Our Baby

As most of you know, we have decided to not find out the sex of our baby until the birth. This means that we will have to miss out on the 4-D sonograms that allow you to see what the baby looks like before it is born (too hard to do one without seeing the baby's private parts). So in the meantime, we will all have to just use our imagination as to what this little person will look like.

Here are a couple pics to help your imagination...

Add those two pictures together and you get one pretty good looking baby. ;-)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Revealing the Names....

While we decided on the names quite some time ago, I realized we haven't really shared them. So, here they are...

If Baby is a boy, he will be William Anthony Wallace III. Named after his Daddy. :) And his Grandfather and Great Grandfather. We plan to call him Liam.

If Baby is a girl, she will be Raelyn Marie Wallace. The name comes from lots of family members! Rae is the middle name of Will's paternal Grandmother. My grandfather's name was also Raymond. Lyn comes from my side of the family. Mine and my Mom's middle name is Lynn and my maternal Grandmother's name is Gwendolyn. Marie is the middle name of Will's mom, as well as her mother's middle name.

Also, here's a picture I took last week. 21 weeks...

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Little Pregnancy/Baby Humor

Comic on xkcd.com

Tell me this isn't how you pictured me with a kid when you heard our wonderful news...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A few belly pictures...

Well...I'm growing. Lol. Monday will mark 20 weeks for us and Baby! It's hard to believe how quickly time is passing. It's crazy to think in 20 more weeks we'll be bringing this baby home! Well, here's a few photos...

18 weeks:

19 weeks:

19 weeks:

Friday, March 6, 2009

We Take Photos!!

Cara and I are in the middle of our second photography class through UTA Continuing Education. It's been pretty interesting taking a class with Mrs. Wallace because you can see the differences in how we learn. Cara kind of sits in class and takes in everything, occasionally making a note in her spiral. Me on the other hand, I hang onto just about every word and am slowly filling my composition notebook with all different kinds of photography facts and tips. I read the book for the class and other books, while Cara's photography book is collecting dust on her night stand. So one would think that when we had our field trip assignment at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens I would end up with these magnificent pictures while hers looked very dull and boring. Not even close...

My wife can take some really amazing pictures. I purposely avoided looking at her pictures until we had the viewing in class and I was glad I waited. I think her pictures were probably the best ones in the class. She has the eye and the patience to find artistic photographs in what I would consider to be boring subjects. I took some average pictures that I was happy with technically, but I am still trying to grow my photographer's eye.

This is an example of the types of pictures Mrs. Wallace took on the field trip. It could easily be in a wildlife book.

This is probably my favorite picture that I took on the field trip.

Coming Up On the Halfway Point...

Well we are about to reach the halfway point of the pregnancy. Mommy is doing well. She is starting to show with a nice little tummy (though not as big as mine... a story for another day). The baby is doing well and I get more excited to meet him or her as each day passes. It is really sinking in that I am going to be a father. This little person (with a head shaped like mine... poor baby!!) is going to be dependent on us for so many things. It will be a challenge, but I am ready for it. :-)

Now, enjoy the latest picture of our little munchkin...